IBM has just installed its IBM Quantum System One in Shin-Kawasaki Sozo-no-Mori for Japan’s Quantum Innovation Initiative Consortium (QIIC).

It’s the second IBM quantum computer outside of a lab, after one was brought to Fraunhofer Institute in Germany in June.

By Katia Moskvitch

Education. Workforce development. Quantum-ready infrastructure.

Quantum is…

An IBM Quantum System One installed in Ehningen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany for Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

By Gregor Pillen, general manager IBM Germany, Austria & Switzerland

Excitement. Pride. And, most of all, anticipation. At this month’s unveiling of the Europe’s most powerful quantum computer, IBM Quantum System One, these sentiments came through loud and clear in the words of every speaker.

Chancellor Angela Merkel referred to…

By Chris Sciacca

Coffee, anyone?

Not at IBM Research — a place where interns are not expected to routinely bring coffee or make photocopies. At IBM, as one former intern put it, “it’s amazing how much you can learn in such a short time when you’re surrounded by so many…

By Angela Harp

“Do what you love and don’t be afraid to fail.”

Marianna Rapsomaniki [Credit: IBM Research]

Greek computational biologist and a busy mom of a toddler, Marianna Rapsomaniki remembers her childhood well — and the stories her dad, a captain, used to tell her as a kid. …

By Katia Moskvitch

Forty years ago, on 6–8 May 1981, a group of physicists and computer scientists got together at MIT’s Endicott House. The event was the Physics of Computation conference. The hottest topic of discussion — the possibility of mimicking nature to design ever more powerful ways of computation.

By Katia Moskvitch

Earth Day is the day to celebrate our blue planet. The day to remember that it’s the only home we’ve got.

During his very first days in office, President Joe Biden signed a flurry of climate change-related executive orders. He rejoined the Paris Climate Accord, pledged to…

NYC governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the launch of Excelsior Pass — a free platform developed in partnership with IBM, which uses secure tech to confirm a negative PCR or antigen test or proof of vaccination

By Katia Moskvitch

It was in March 2020, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, when Elli Androulaki first thought about creating a digital health pass. …

By Katia Moskvitch

All it took was a ball of discarded Scotch tape in the waste basket.

There was residue on the tape’s sticky side — the result of researchers at the University of Manchester cleaning up graphite, the material in pencil lead. Curious, physics professor Andre Geim examined the…

[Credit: Getty Images]

By Stuart Harwood, Claudio Gambella, Dimitar Trenev, and Andrea Simonetto

About 90 percent¹ of world trade relies on maritime shipping, every year moving goods with a total value of $14 trillion², with more than 50,000³ merchant ships delivering everything from food to natural gas to widgets. Logistically speaking, this isn’t…

By Ritesh Krishna and Katia Moskvitch

Developing new software for a specific scientific task can be time-consuming and costly. Software repurposing can help — at times it can even improve the results of the task compared to the traditional methods. …

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