• dLaw


    Enabler of info-Security ninjas, bio(hacking)-curious, Music, mash-it/make-it, politics, tech, Stuff and Things. MINE ∈ {'these tweets', . . .}

  • Dirk Beveridge

    Dirk Beveridge

    What if we had an industry summit with no industry speakers? We'd have the first and only innovation summit for distributors. Time to think different!

  • SNB


  • Niall O’Gorman

    Niall O’Gorman

    #Impulse #Ecommerce #Innovation in #Enterprise & #Startups

  • Dulce Dotcom

    Dulce Dotcom

  • Andrew O'Donoghue

    Andrew O'Donoghue

    Helped build happy Macs for a decade, now, I'm all talk. Series Editor, The Gadget Buzz, TV3 | Irish Mail on Sunday Columnist | Midlands FM

  • Saurav Muralidharan

    Saurav Muralidharan

    Systems & machine learning researcher at NVIDIA. CS Ph.D. I like to write about technology, research, travel, photography, and fitness.

  • Steve Guendert

    Steve Guendert

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